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Riverhouse of East River offers House Accounts to qualified Client Guests. This offering is designed to accommodate any size ordering at any frequency or time of day.
How it works…
  • Client Guest orders off Riverhouse standard or customized menu. RiverHouse’s Master Chefs can offer any item the Client Guest wishes on or off the menu, including allergy and dietary restrictions, soft beverages, freshly brewed teas, bottled waters or liquor, bottled beers, and individual wines.
  • Riverhouse will deliver Client Guests’ order to their stated address at the Client Guest’s specified time. In the alternative, the Client Guest can also pick up their order curbside, in thermal packaging designed to maintain the temperatures of the Client Guest order.
  • There is an order minimum of $90.00 for Riverhouse delivery to Client Guest, but no order minimum if Client Guest wishes to pick up the order at curbside.
  • The Client Guest will be assigned a Riverhouse Manager who will manage all requests of the Client Guest.
  • The Client Guest will be assigned a Riverhouse Manager who will manage all requests of the Client Guest.
  • Client Guest will be given an invoice for its order and will accumulate total of orders placed till month end. At month end, the client will have 14 days to submit payment for its order as invoice instructed, which value will be the cumulative total of the month’s purchases. Each order will be charged an 18% service fee for tips to Riverhouse staff but will not be charged interest on any Client Guest order balances.
  • If payment has not been received by the 15th of the following month, Riverhouse Manager will call and/or email Client Guest’s Authorized Rep, or other party if unavailable, and note the cumulative balance due will be charged to Client Guest credit card on file. Riverhouse Managers are responsible for the Client Guest managed ordering and payment.

It’s that simple, it’s our privilege to take meticulous care of your wishes, we’re guarded for any packaging; including plastic ware, and sanitary packaging, all as requested, and are timely with our deliveries or for curbside pick-up.
Please Order Up!

Thank You.

Any questions or to place your order, our team would love to help. Contact us below by submitting an inquiry.
Riverhouse Houston
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